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Zimbio Magazine Interview
written by: Parthena Black

Welcome to the fourth edition of Fearless Friday!

This week I am so excited and honored to feature Lisa Charleston, inventor of the Night Helper Potty Watch. I met Lisa and was impressed not only by her passion for the cause that her productserves but also by her loving and giving spirit.

We have both worked in the health care field with elderly patients and share our thoughts and concerns. She is always thinking of others and was one of the first people to rush in and lift me up when I was starting my business. She’s always there with an encouraging word and a virtual hug.

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Blog Talk Radio
host: In My Pajamas

Lisa Charleston has been married for twenty years to her high-school sweetheart and mother of three. She is also the inventor of the NIGHT HELPER POTTY WATCH.

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Start Up Nation
written by: Christine Haskell

To follow up on a previous post requesting feedback on topics and offering to highlight members of the community, I learned of—a company based on an invention by Lisa Charleston. Lisa started in 2004 after being laid off from a nursing job in a home-hospice facility. She transitioned into being a stay at home mom working on a mission – to keep beds dry. Together with her husband Carl, Lisa invented the Night Helper Watch Time Pieces.

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Prose: Guess Who
Written by: The Muse

This DIVA is good…
She is very very good…
This DIVA did…
What a DIVA should…
She cared enough…
To not be tough…
But took a stand…
And gave time a hand…
By moving his face…
To just the right place…
The fight in the night…
Is no longer a blight…
Who is this DIVA…
Why, it is...
Lisa Charleston,
Inventor of The Potty Watch