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My name is Lisa Charleston. I am the inventor and patent holder for the Night Helper Watch units. Together, with my wonderful husband Carl, we have designed three specific styles, two are aimed for a younger target audience, while one watch is designed for a more mature user. The watches are designed for two specific purposes, one to help eliminate the fear, trepidation and shame children and adults suffer with the issue of incontinence and secondly to aid in timing for tasks such as medication delivery or other timed medical procedures. This will ultimately give the wearer confidence and a sense of independence.

Having worked many years in the hospice and home care settings, I had grown to love my patients and cared for them as if they were family. Sadly, an injury took me away from the medical field.

My family and I have continued our journey to bring the Night Helper Watches to the manufacturing stage. The fees for production models have been quoted at 10,000.00. We have been the Night Helper Watches first monetary investors. Since the very beginning however, we have met so many individuals who were/are supportive of this cause...we cannot begin to say thanks to them all. We also have met several business owners who have given their support as well and we offer our gratitude.


Press Release
In America, seven million school aged children and four million adults suffer daily from Nocturnal Enuresis or what is otherwise known as bed-wetting. These numbers alone do not cover adults who experience Nocturnal Enuresis because of disease, psychological disorders, age, war trauma, physical trauma and/or mental disorders. This brief overlay describes about thirteen million people in the United States alone.

Lisa Charleston, a life long health care worker, mother of three and a grandmother as well, has created an ingenious, yet simple solution, to help those afflicted by this embarrassing condition: The Night Helper Watch, referred...